Here’s why Diwekar believes you must eat Halwa this season.


  • Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recently posted on Instagram
  • She talked about the benefits of eating halwa in the festive season
  • Here’s what she wrote in her post

Halwa is a staple Indian festive dish. Whether you like a soothing Sooji Halwa or a drool-worthy Moong Dal one – there are so many options to pick from. Health critics have come down heavily on our favourite Indian dessert due to the generous amounts of ghee and sugar in it. Thus, festivals are becoming about no-sugar halwas or are being celebrated without them entirely. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recently took to Instagram to explain why we should return to our roots and eat halwa this festive season. Take a look at her post:

In the post, Rujuta Diwekar elaborated on how sooji halwa was actually a dish that every Indian household made to nurse their sick family members back to strength. “Roasted in an iron Kadhai, cooked in ghee & milk, spiced with sugar, kesar & dry fruits. It stroked their appetite, lifted their spirits and led to a speedy recovery,” wrote Diwekar. Thus, halwa and sheera was traditionally associated with good health. In fact, it was also considered to be a power-packed ‘immunity boosting shot’ to be had during the changing season while Pujas were planned.

Diwekar further said that the health enthusiasts and the industry at large made us believe that sugar is poison and we should avoid eating it entirely. This eliminated the very important halwa from our diet, and along with it went the other health benefits that it offered. “Even as sugar consumption through colas, cookies, chocolates rose, the cooking & celebration of seasons and festivals with sheera, laddoo & barfi dropped,” said Diwekar.

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Thus, the moral of the story is not to cut back on sugary foods, but processed foods in general. Mindless consumption of anything is bad for the body, be it sugar or anything else. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar is a staunch proponent of eating as our ancestors did, in order to care for our health and the planet too. So, celebrate this festive season without guilt and eat seasonal foods like halwa, which we always did.

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