We Want To See Our Fans In India And Show Them Our Performances: BTS

BTS made it quite evident that they want to come to India (courtesy: Big Hit Entertainment)


Since NDTV announced its big, exclusive interview with the popular K-pop band BTS on Twitter, the most common asked on social media by BTS India ‘armies’ has been, “When will they come to India? And will they come to India at all?” BTS fans have been sending thousands of messages inquiring about this. After discussing topics like music, stardom and talking about their recent virtual concerts, BTS made it quite evident that they want to come to India but can only plan the same after the pandemic.

Right at the start of the interview, BTS member Jin told NDTV, “We know that many fans in India send us lots of support and love. Thank you for listening and relating to our music. We think that we connect on a deeper level through music that transcends language and barriers. Even though we can’t see each other at the moment, we want to tell you how thankful we are to you.”

Towards the end of the interview, we asked them when they will visit India and if they can give their fans an idea about their plans at this point. J-Hope took that question and said, “We want to see our fans in India and show them our performances. We hope that day will come soon when this pandemic comes to an end.”

BTS started and ended the interview by saying Namaste to the Indian audience.

Watch the full interview here:

BTS, the K-Pop band that rules the global airwaves, is a seven-member group whose average age is 25. They released their first English song Dynamite in August this year and have a new album titled BE out on November 20.


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