An American YouTuber has tried an ice cream sundae worth Rs. 73 lakhs.


  • An American YouTuber tried eating a $100,000 sundae
  • He is know for these bizarre videos featuring larger-than-life gestures
  • The video of the expensive sundae is now viral on YouTube

Whether its Caviar or Truffles, foie grass or exquisite wine – there are tonnes of luxury food items in the market today. These are often consumed by themselves at high-end restaurants or used as a part of another preparation. YouTube is no stranger to these grand foods which are extremely costly. We often see YouTube videos going viral which feature larger-than-life food beyond our imagination. Recently, we saw American YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr. Beast set up his own burger restaurant where he paid people to eat food. In his latest video, the same YouTuber sampled an ice cream sundae worth $100,000 (Rs. 73 lakh approx.) and his video has gone viral on the platform.

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The viral video has garnered over 30 million views and counting on YouTube. It also features in the topmost trending videos in India as of the time of writing. In the video by Mr. Beast, he starts feasting on extravagant and rich foods which are relatively less costly, slowly building up to the whopping $100,000 ice cream. The video starts with a $100 ice cream, followed by cheese balls worth $500 and then a $1,000 chocolate with gold flakes. After a few more expensive items on his list, Mr. Beast revealed that they would be trying a $50,000 steak and a $100,000 dollar ice cream.


According to the chef at the unnamed restaurant, the steak had been aged for four months, smoked for fifteen hours and put in a blanket of gold. Coming to the ice cream sundae, each ice cream ball costs over $100 to make. Chocolate was imported from South America, made with chocolate barks costing $500 each. The strawberries used in the sundae were from Japan, flown over last night and topped in Grape Juice costing over $20,000. There were also miniature candied peaches, each one costing a whopping $500. The sundae was topped with doses of rich Caramel sauce, wild huckleberry sauce, and a $45,000 butterscotch sauce. The total bill of the order came to $1,70,878.24 with a $20,000 tip.

Watch The Full Viral Video Of The Ice Cream Sundae Here:

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