• Most Indian desserts are decadent
  • Balushahi can be called an Indian glazed doughnut
  • Balushahi is a common Indian sweet

There is something about Indian desserts that can make us want to cheat on our diet any day. Now, if you are even remotely privy to desi sweets, you would know how much we love ghee, we do not cut corners when it comes to sugar, nuts, dry fruits or anything that can make our sweetmeats richer. Take Balushahi for instance. This North Indian sweet is popular in South India as Badushahi; it resembles a fried doughnut, glazed with ghee. A festive staple, balushahi is can be found across all major Halwai shops across North India but why go that far when you can make it at home? Yes, you heard us. The sinful dessert can be made at home and requires a handful of commonly available ingredients. It does not take much time to prepare either.

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The chief ingredients you require to make Balushahi are maida, ghee or clarified butter and sugar syrup. With this recipe video by NDTV Food, you can make this season of festivals a memorable one. Treat everyone with your home-made Balushahi and bring a smile on everyone’s face. 
The process is fairly simple, knead a dough, and using your hands make the balushahi shaped doughnuts. Fry them in ghee and dip them in a sugar syrup or chashni, garnish with dried fruits and nuts. Make sure you do not burn the sugar syrup, and when you are frying the sweet, keep the flame on medium. To know the exact details of ingredients and method.



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Watch the video and try this recipe at home, do let us know how you liked it. Here is the written recipe too.

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