Video Of Orange Peel Being Squeezed Is Strangely Addictive To Watch!

Viral video: Orange peel was the subject of attention in this viral video.


  • Orange peels are known to be beneficial for weight loss and skin
  • It recently found itself featuring in a viral video on Reddit
  • A user captured a slow-motion clip of orange peels being squeezed

Orange is one of the most nutrient-rich fruits out there. The citrusy delight has an abundance of Vitamin C which is excellent for immunity and good skin. Orange has lots of health benefits and can be included in the diet in the number of ways. But did you know that orange peel is actually quite good for the skin and weight loss too? The humble orange peel was the star of a recent viral video. There are so many videos on the internet which are addictive to watch for no apparent reason, and this is definitely one of them. A user shared a video of an orange peel being squeezed, and it has gone viral on Reddit. Take a look:

Squeezing orange peel in the sunlight from r/oddlysatisfying

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The video was shared on the sub-Reddit r/oddlysatisfying by user u/EnSquanChay. “Squeezing orange peel in the sunlight,” was what the user titled it. In the video, we could see a small orange peel held by the user against the sunlight. On being squeezed, the peel scattered juice into all directions creating interesting patterns and a mesmerising effect. The clip was shot in slow-motion, thus making the video all the more dramatic.



The orange peel video went viral on Reddit, garnering over 51.1k upvotes and counting. Users poured in their comments to the uniquely satisfying clip. “I can smell it,” wrote a user while another exclaimed, “I can feel it in my eyes.” One user also suggested, “I used to take orange peels and do this over my wrists, it was a nice 5 min natural perfume/cologne.”

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