• Chocolate mousse is the perfect indulgent chocolate dessert
  • It is originally made with chocolate, milk and eggs
  • This eggless recipe requires only four simple ingredients

Chocolate is one ingredient that we cannot get enough of. A decadent chocolate cake can make for an any-time dessert. A moist gooey brownie paired with a dollop of vanilla ice cream is the most sinful delight. Chocolate mousse is also one such delicious dessert which is a hit with chocolate-lovers. The mousse is a French Dessert originally known as mousse au chocolat. The word ‘mousse’ roughly translates to foam, which perfectly describes the frothy texture of this divine dessert.

The original chocolate mousse recipe uses egg in its cooking process, with different ways of including the egg whites and egg yolks. However, the oats chocolate mousse recipe we have for you is completely eggless. This delicious 4-ingredient oats chocolate mousse is simple to make and does not require refined sugar either. The only four ingredients used in this recipe are molten dark chocolate, oats powder or flour, milk and honey. Finely grated almonds can also be used for garnishing the mousse, but that is completely optional.

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bs7g509gChocolate mousse is made with oats and milk in this recipe. 

How To Make Oats Chocolate Mousse | Oats Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Mix the milk, dark chocolate, oats powder, and honey. Keep mixing all the ingredients together till you get a smooth consistency. Now pour the mixture into a small container and let it even out properly. Garnish with ground almonds, chocolate chips or small pieces of chocolate and let it set overnight. Your chocolate mousse is ready to dig in!

So, the next time you are craving a delicious dessert – try this wonderful oats chocolate mousse for a divine culinary experience. Head to the top of the article above and watch the full recipe video of the mousse. For a step-by-step written recipe, click here

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