Third Covid Wave In Delhi? 'Early To Say, But Possibility,' Says Minister

Delhi has reported over 3.7 lakh Covid cases since the outbreak began in India in January (File)

New Delhi:

Delhi Health Minister Satyender Jain has said it was too early to say if the record one-day surge of 5,673 cases in the national capital indicated the start of a third wave of COVID-19 infections in the city.

“We should wait and observe the trend for a week. We will not be able to say anything in definite terms till then. It is too early to call it a third wave just yet. But, it might be a possibility,” said Mr Jain, who has been overseeing the readiness of healthcare facilities in Delhi amid the pandemic.

Delhi has been recording an average of 4,000-plus cases for the past week. It logged 4,853 new coronavirus cases for the first time on Monday, and broke that record two days later – a worrying sign, especially when COVID-19 levels have shown a drastic drop nationally.

Stating that the rise in cases was not unexpected, Mr Jain added, “This is the season of festivals and it has become slightly cold as well. We have made some changes to our strategy. Now, when a person tests positive, we also test his entire family and all his close contacts. We do this not just once but twice – the second time after 4 to 5 days.”

Unlike earlier, when we used to wait for symptoms to appear in family members and other close contacts, the entire contact circle is being tested immediately, Satyender Jain said.

Our aim is to ensure that not even a single case is missed, he said in the backdrop of a proposed meeting of top officials today to discuss prevention and suppression measures in Delhi.

“This (increased testing) could be a reason why the numbers are spiking. But it is the best strategy to contain this disease. Ware hopeful that we will see good results soon. We have strengthened contact tracing as well,” said Mr Jain, whose condition had deteriorated after contracting COVID-19, and recovered with plasma therapy.

Delhi has 29,378 active Covid cases – more than 3.7 lakh total cases – with 6,396 deaths linked to the virus.


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