• Amla offers a range of health benefits including strong immunity
  • Strong immunity helps prevent viral infection and its severities
  • These dehydrated amla chips can be stored year-round

Amla has always been in the news for all things good. A storehouse of nutrients, this desi fruit is extensively used in traditional medical practice. In fact, our parents and grandparents swear by amla as a quick home remedy for indigestion. This tiny green delight offers a range of health benefits including strong immunity, healthy metabolism and digestion, improved skin and hair health and more. It is loaded with vitamin A, C, E, flavanols, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. Moreover, it is touted that 100 grams of fresh amla contains the same amount of vitamin C as 20 oranges. “It is one of the items recommended by Sushruta for universal everyday consumption that transcended restrictions of body type and season,” reads the book ‘Historical Dictionary of Indian Food’ by Food Historian KT Achaya. Hence, several nutritionists often recommend inclusion of at least one amla in our daily diet for overall nourishment.

Including amla in our regular diet is even more important in the present situation of Coronavirus pandemic. Several researchers around the world are stressing on the importance of strong immunity to prevent viral infection and its severities. And the rich vitamin C-content in amla helps promote strong immunity. Consultant nutritionist Rupali Datta explains, “A natural antioxidant, vitamin C helps protect us from free radical damages. It also promotes strong immunity that may help fight or prevent several diseases.”


Considering the benefits of this pungent and fibrous superfood, we bring you a quick method to store amla year-round for whenever you need them. It is salty amla chips- dehydrated amla slices that can also be consumed as mouth freshener after every meal.

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Amla is loaded with vitamin A, C, E, flavanols, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties

Here’re 2 Ways To Make Amla Chips | Amla chips recipe:


1 kg amla (Indian gooseberry)

4-5 teaspoon red chilli powder (you may avoid if you want)

Black salt, as per taste


Step 1. Wash the amlas well. Pat them dry.

Step 2. Deseed and cut them into thin slices.

Step 3. Add black salt and red chilli powder and mix well. Coat every slice of amla with the spices.

Step 4. You can make the chips using two methods:

Method 1- Transfer the amla slices on a microwave oven-safe plate and microwave it for 4-5 minutes.

Method 2- You can also prepare it in a traditional way by sun-drying the slices. Spread the amla slices on a big plate and sun-dry for a week or so, till the amla slices turn dry and crispy.

Step 5. Transfer the dried amlas in an air-tight container and enjoy year-round.


Pro-Tip: Store the amla chips in a dry and cool place (not refrigerator) to extend the shelf life.

Prepare this at home and give yourself a daily dose of healthy nutrients all the year round.

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