Glasses over pouring with wine, nibbles from all around the world and endless chitter-chatter – how we missed our Sunday brunches! It cannot be denied that months of lockdown has marked a radical shift in the way perceive fine-dining. There’s an environment of fear and reluctance, but with unlock, many people are venturing out as well, and looks like the restaurants are up for the challenge too. The Qube at the Leela Palace has done their bit to reinstate their classic Sunday Brunch in its former glory, and the safety measures are commendable too.

King-sized glass panels overlooking the lush, green compound of the five star-property and the ever-so bustling live counters of The Qube always made for a nice setting for a languorous brunch. However, in the post Covid world things get a new safety upgrade. You do not get a menu, but scan for one, the plates and cutleries are neatly packed in their respective covers, you cannot crowd the live counters with your plates either; you can, however, choose what you want and it arrives on your table. To maintain adequate social distancing you would find moving trolleys with salads, cheese, local and imported liquor and desserts.

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The menu is a mix of Indian, Japanese, Asian, Continental and European dishes. We started out with a crystal prawn and chicken dumplings that we paired with peanut and chilli sauce, then we devoured the California sushi and smoked salmon sushi, both of which were so deftly done, the freshness of veggies and a generous sprinkle of caviar were truly impressive. We quickly moved on to the gol gappas which were nothing short of  crunch fest, the fillings were of two kinds: boiled potato and paneer and pani of three kinds: coriander, tamarind, and sweet and sour.

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Photo Credit: Sushmita Sengupta

Next, we tried a selection of salad, sweet and tangy som tam, Qube’s caeser salad and tomato mozerella; all of which arrived in a trolley in tiny pre-plated portions and made a mark for their freshness and flavour.

Next in line was a fresh, out of the oven pizza made with goodness of cheese, mushrooms, olives, and jalepenos. You could pick and choose froma  range of options for your toppings and make it as cheesy as you want.

Moving on to the mains, we started off with some grilled goods. A well-done lamb chop and chicken with barbecue sauce and lemon-butter sauce had us off to a  good start. With little room in our stomach we tried the mutton and chicken biryani that came a portion of raita, both smoky and both so flavourful. If you are into Asian, you must not miss their sticky rice and wok-fried chicken with a hot, sweet and tangy sauce.


In desserts, our pick would be the cheesecake, ras kadam and fruit tart.


Photo Credit: Sushmita Sengupta

Where: The Qube, Leela Palace, Chanakyapuri
Cost For Two: INR 6500 Plus Taxes


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