‘Chai Latte’ or the classic Indian tea is a recipe which has come to the forefront.


  • Chai is a beverage much-loved across India
  • The recipe found itself in the limelight recently
  • A publication had shared a controversial recipe for ‘Chai Latte’

Chai is undoubtedly one of the favourite drinks of India. Countless people across the country can’t think of starting their day without a cup of tea in the morning. Although there are many variations to how people like their tea, popular recipes involve the use of water, milk, sugar and tea leaves. A recipe for ‘Chai Latte’ by a renown publication had recently become the subject of controversy online. Indian Twitterati called out the recipe which had whole spices like Star Anise, Cinnamon and also used coconut milk and maple syrup. Take a look at what users said about the recipe:

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Users pointed out that there were too many spices in the Chai Latte recipe, almost as many that would be used to make a biryani. Further, the use of coconut milk and maple syrup in the making of the desi Chai did not go down well with netizens.

So what makes the ideal Chai that Indians love? A simple chai recipe that most Indians swear by starts with water which is brought to a boil. Milk and tea leaves are added and simmered on low heat, along with additional herbs such as tulsi or ginger to taste. The mix is brewed for a couple of minutes before being strained into a cup and sugar is added to taste. Masala Chai is also a hot favourite among chai-lovers across the country, and there is a special Chai Masala mix comprising ground spices which can be purchased from the local grocery store or made at home. Here’s a recipe we recommend:

It’s important to know that there is significant room for experimentation within the ambit of the classic Chai while keeping the original flavours intact. The simple recipe has birthed several creative counterparts over the years.

Click here for some innovative chai recipes to try. What do you add to your favourite cup of tea? Tell us in the comments below!

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