Desserts and sweets play an important role during any festivity. While some sweet treats are made at home, others are bought from our favourite sweet shops in town. These shops across the nation whip up various kinds of sweets during the time of festivals – some sweets remain classic and traditional, while several others are prepared using experimental recipes. One such example is of a Surat-based sweet shop, which launched ‘Gold Ghari’ – a different variation of famous Gujarati sweet Ghari – amidst the season of festivals this year.

As per a report in ANI, this sweet was launched ahead of Chandi Padvo, a Gujarati festival that falls a day after Sharad Purnima. For the unversed, ghari and bhusu (savoury dish) play an important role in the celebration of Chandi Padvo.

As per the shop owner Rohan, “We have launched ‘gold ghari’ this year. It is healthy. Gold is considered a beneficial metal in Ayurveda. It has been three days since its launch. Demand is a little below expectation as market is sluggish. We hope it will get good response in the coming days.”

“Gold ghari is available at Rs 9,000 per kg. The normal ghari is available at Rs 660-820 per kg,” he added.

The traditional ghari is basically a crispy sweet dish made of flour, dates, ghee etc. In this recipe, puri dough is prepared and filled with sweet fillings and fried.


If you too want to prepare the traditional ghari this festive season, we bring the recipe for you. Click here for recipe.

Try it at home and let us know how you like it! (ANI)



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