Reddit Thread Reveals Easy Hack To Use And Store Batter - In Ketchup Bottle!

Food hack: Here’s an easy way to store batters inside an old ketchup container.


  • Reddit user found an easy hack to use and store batters
  • The user recommended the use of ketchup bottle
  • The batter can easily be stored and used from the bottle

If there’s one thing that is common across various states of India in terms of cooking, it has to be the use of batters. Whether it is a rice batter used to make Idli, or a sooji batter used to make chillas (cheelas) – there seems to be a batter for everything. When it comes to storing and using these batters while cooking, we often struggle to find the right containers. A Reddit thread makes a handy suggestion; that is, to use empty ketchup bottles! Take a look at the post:

Empty ketchup bottles make excellent batter holders and dispensers. from r/foodhacks

The suggestion was made by Reddit user u/laurenwazenn in the Reddit group r/foodhacks which has over 1.6 million users. The batter hack received 2.5k upvotes and counting. The user basically suggested using empty ketchup bottles to store and dispense pancake batter. The hack actually made sense as certain dishes like pancakes shape better if the batter is squeezed out from a nozzle than just directly poured onto the pan. Further, the batter can easily be stored for a few days in the fridge or easily transported to another place without worrying about spillage. This hack could be extended to batters other than that used to make pancakes.

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ghuj8f5Jalebi and other such Indian dishes can be made easily with this hack. 

Reddit users commented to the suggestion and wondered how it actually made sense. “It’s a great way to have pancakes on a campout (sic),” wrote one user while another recommended, “It’s a great way to have slightly ketchup tasting pancakes. Use a syrup container instead.” Someone else wanted to know how to clean the ketchup bottle out properly to ensure the ideal taste of the batter, while others recommended buying a new bottle itself.


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