'Won't Budge': Rahul Gandhi After Tractor Rally Stopped At Haryana Border

Rahul Gandhi’s tractor rally to campaign against the centre’s farm laws was stopped outside Haryana this afternoon by dozens of policemen. The Congress leader was moving from Punjab towards Haryana in his three-day rally.

“They have stopped us at Haryana border. I will stay here until it opens. If it takes two hours then two hours. Even if it takes six hours, 24 hours, 100 hours, 200 hours, 500 hours…As many hours as it takes,” Rahul Gandhi told NDTV.

“When they open, I will peacefully proceed. Until then I will peacefully wait here,” said the Congress leader.

Policemen were seen keep up barricades as Congress workers holding up flags and chanting slogans tried to push through.


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