Live Updates: Prannoy Roy's Analysis Of Trump vs Biden Battleground

The United States started voting Tuesday to elect its new President. The fight is between the sitting President Donald Trump and the Democrat nominee Joe Biden. The election is seen by many as a referendum on Donald Trump’s presidency and his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr Biden, in his appeals, have urged Americans to restore the country’s democracy, attacking Mr Trump’s style of running the government.

Here are the live updates on Dr Roy’s analysis of the US Presidential Election:

US Election: What does polls forecasting say?
Polls forecasts give a clear edge to Joe Biden

This election is a first where leaders have lied and news outlets have gone on a fact-check spree.

Opinion polls say voters hate Trump more than they like Biden. The more educated White voters will vote for Biden while the lesser educated ones for Trump.

Dr Roy: This election is more polarised than ever before. Never heard people say: Do go out and vote because your vote can save America.


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