Pizza was the subject of a recent Twitter debate.


  • Pizza found itself as the subject of a recent Twitter debate
  • A Twitter account shared a picture of a pizza with crust intact
  • The pizza had netizens divided over the discussion

Pizza is a dish one can have any number of times and still not get tired of it. The crispy, doughy base topped with flavourful marinara and oodles of cheese and toppings – what’s there not to like? Pizza is such a simple and no-fuss recipe, can you ever really go wrong with it? Apparently, you can. Pizza-lovers recently found themselves enraged over a picture of an eaten (or should we say half-eaten) pizza. The picture went viral on Twitter. Take a look:

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The picture showed a pizza which was eaten from the middle leaving the entire crust portion intact. Further, there was a knife and fork placed in the plate which were ostensibly used to eat the pizza.

The eccentric pizza did not go down well with pizza fanatics who soon made the tweet go viral. The picture shared by @Honest_Crust had the caption, “2020, why do you want to hurt us so much?”


Several hundreds of users poured in their comments and reactions to the pizza crust being left and the use of a fork and knife to eat it in the first place. Some suggested that the crust may have been a good snack when paired with dips and sauces. Others couldn’t help but express their anguish at the ‘criminal offence’. Take a look:

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What do you think is the right way to eat pizza? Do you leave out the crust while eating pizza? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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