'People Swear By Gandhi Ji's Name, But Demolish His Ideals': Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi on Friday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the issue of farm bills.


Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi on Friday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the issue of farm bills and accused his government of weaking the Right to Information act.

On Gandhi Jayanti, she also invoked the Father of the Nation, to assail the government which, she claimed, swears by his name but demolishes his ideals through its actions.

“Some people swear by Gandhi jis name but demolish his ideals and principles through their actions. Anarchy, atrocity and mistreatment prevail everywhere. An environment of discrimination has been created in the society where atrocities are being inflicted on innocent people,” she said.

She was virtually addressing a ”Gandhi Chetna Rally” at Congress party office in Motihari, the headquarters of East Champaran district in Bihar, to mark the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

It was in Champaran where Mahatama Gandhi had experimented with

”Satyagraha” movement for the first time in India. It would later become his most potent weapon in the fight against the British rule.

“Enough is enough. I would like to say that some people are running the government by creating an atmosphere of emotion, confusion and fear (bhavna, bhram aur bhay). You (people) need to remain alert and cautious and take the right decisions,” she said.

“We have to fight it out together and that will be our real tribute to Gandhi ji,” she added.

The Congress leader also unveiled a life-size statue of the Mahatma, and asserted his ideals are the “soul and spirit” of her party.

In her speech, which many saw as the launch of her party’s campaign for the Bihar elections, the process of which has already started, Sonia Gandhi said the common man was always at the centre of Congress’s welfare programmes.

“But whenever the Congress tries to work for the development of the poor, certain forces stand up against the party for their vested interest,” she alleged.

“Just imagine what could have happened if there was no MNREGA during the COVID pandemic? People in large numbers would have starved,” she asserted.


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