• Neychorr is a popular South Indian dish
  • You can make the rice dish very easily at home
  • Ghee helps add a rich quality to the dish

Think Malabari cuisine and we are instinctively drawn towards the rich stews and curries, but let’s not forget that some of the nation’s most beloved comfort foods like lemon rice, curd rice, tamarind rice and sambhar rice also hail from the same region. Rice holds immense importance in Malabari cuisine, and these rice-based delicacies are often made with a  special variant of rice that is usually slightly thicker than basmati, and obviously more starchy too. Neychorr is one such dish from this illustrious list of rice dishes that we cannot have enough of. Not only is it a very simple recipe, but also packs some of our most favourite elements of all time. Made with the goodness of ghee, coconut milk, cashews, sliced onions and peppercorns, there’s a very rich and aromatic quality about the dish that always bowls us over.

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Neychorr is so wholesome in itself that one often does not need any accompaniment to go with it. However, if you want, you can always throw in a  dash of chutney or pickle to add zing to the whole fare.

Neychorr Recipe:

To make Neychorr, all you need to do is boil some rice and cook it with cardamom, green chilli paste, bay leaf, onions, ginger-garlic paste, carrots and coconut milk. The rice is further garnished with thinly sliced onions that are again roasted in ghee and cashews. Adding the much-needed hotness to the preparation are peppercorns, cinnamon and cloves.

Click here for full Neychorr recipe.


Neychorr is a soul-soothing dish that almost always impresses, you can replace the ghee with oil in this recipe if you happen to be allergic or vegan. But if you want to go the traditional way, then you can try this recipe.


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Make sure you serve this dish hot and do let us know how you liked the recipe in the comments section below!

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