One of the fittest Bollywood celebrities, Malaika Arora can give the new generation actors a run for their money. Donning many hats – model, actor, entrepreneur, and yoga and wellness expert – Malaika turned 47 recently and rang in her birthday celebrations with close friends and family in attendance with lots of cake! But seems like she was quick to get back to her healthy eating ways with a wholesome Sunday breakfast full of proteins the very next day.

Malaika Arora took to her Instagram stories to share a glimpse of a beautifully spread ‘Sunday brekkie’ that gave us breakfast goals! A colourful melange of refreshing foods, the picture had a tray with sliced, boiled eggs, chopped dragon fruit, juice, black coffee and a plate of what looked like ragi cheela. There was, what seemed honey, in a vintage jar on the side too. She wrote ‘My Kinda Sunday Brekkie’ on the picture with three hearts. Now isn’t that what we call a perfect, wholesome breakfast? Look at the pictute below:


Malaika’s wholesome Sunday breakfast gave us some serious goals to achieve.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to such a delicious and refreshing breakfast on a lazy Sunday?! The sweet and refreshing dragon fruit is quite an exotic one with many health benefits. Not only is it low on calories but it is also high in fibre and antioxidants; meaning it is good for regulating blood sugar levels and blood pressure besides being healthy for heart. Malaika also binged on protein-rich eggs with fresh juice which makes it a complete meal. Seems like she knows the importance of a wholesome protein-rich breakfast, that keeps you satiated for long hours.

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