This year, Mahashivratri falls on March 11, 2021.


  • This year, Mahashivratri falls on March 11, 2021.
  • On this day, people generally fast for the whole day.
  • Sabudana and its recipes make a popular vrat food choice for many.

India is all set to celebrate Mahashivratri on March 11, 2021. One of the biggest festivals of the Hindus, it is celebrated annually on the 13th night and 14th day of Krishna Paksha in Phalguna (February/March) of Hindu calendar. On this day, devotees offer their prayers to Lord Shiva and bathe the Jyotirlinga (a representation of Lord Shiva) with milk, flowers and fruits. Some even keep ‘nirjala’ fast for the whole day and worship the deity at night and break their fast with sattvik food. When we talk about sattvik food, the first dish that comes in mind is sabudana khichdi. Sabudana, or tapioca pearls, is one of the most popular vrat food across India. Loaded with carbs or starch, sabudana helps refuel us with the lost energy. This factor makes sabudana a preferred food ingredient during any kind of Puja.

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Sabudana is loaded with carbs that refuels you with lost energy


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Mahashivratri Recipe: Here’re 5 Classic Sabudana Recipes That You Can Eat After Puja:

Sabudana Khichdi:

Soaked sabudana, stir-fried with peanuts, aloo, jeera, tomato and rock salt, this khichdi is soothing to the core. Always remember, the secret to a perfect sabudana khichdi lies in the texture of sabudana pearls. Click here for recipe.

Sabudana Vada:

A popular Maharashtrian snack, sabudana vada is also eaten during the vrats. It is light, crispy and leaves a starchy after taste that make you crave for more. Click here for recipe.


Sabudana Kheer:

No festival is complete without some kheer. Hence, we bring this sabudana kheer recipe that can be a delicious dessert at the end of your festive meal. Click here for recipe.


Sabudana Paratha:

If you are bored with sabudana khichdi or vada, do give this paratha a try. Somewhat looks like cheela, this sabudana paratha gives an interesting makeover to the regular sabudana dishes. Click here for recipe.

Sabudana Chiwda:

At time, we do not feel like having a proper meal after a day-long fasting. It is then we look for titbits to curb the hunger. For those minute cravings, we have a delicious sabudana chiwda recipe for you. You can also have it as a evening snack on a normal day. Click here for recipe.


This Mahashivratri, try out these recipes and make your festival a bit more special.

Happy Mahashivtratri 2021, everyone!

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