Love Hot Chocolate? Make Icy Cold Version In This Hot Weather (Watch Recipe Video)

Frozen hot chocolate recipe is perfect for hot weather.


  • This cold version of hot chocolate is easy to make.
  • Frozen chocolate drink is creamy and frothy.
  • Watch the recipe video to make it at home.

Hot chocolate is our favourite drink to keep us warm in biting cold winter. With humidity still in the air, it looks like the extended hot weather is here to stay a little while longer. So we decided to try the cold version of hot chocolate drink. This frozen cold chocolate or Frappuccino is so refreshing that you’ll excuse ‘the weather Gods’ for not bringing winters in sooner. After trying it once, you would want to make it again and again to enjoy its delicious and creamy taste.

Frozen Chocolate Frappuccino can be made in a matter of few minutes. The recipe video posted on YouTube channel ‘Manjula’s Kitchen’ shows exactly how you should be making it to treat yourself with the icy cold and frothy chocolate drink with an overwhelming creaminess from the drink itself and from  the topping of whipped cream. If you don’t have whipped cream at home, here is an easy recipe of whipped cream for you. If you and your family like chocolate shakes, this recipe will help you make it even better.

Watch: Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe Video:

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To make the creamy and frothy cold chocolate, mix sugar, cocoa powder, chocolate chips and cinnamon powder together and pour hot milk over it to make a smooth paste. Then blend the chocolate paste with milk and ice together till the ice is crushed. Remember, the milk should be hot, not just-boiled. And that’s it, just top the drink with whipped cream; you can also decorate it with grated chocolate, and refresh yourself.

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