Kerala Bride Misses Nikah, So Patients At Covid Centre Celebrate With Her. Watch

Residents of a Covid care centre made Faziya’s wedding day extra-special.

A Covid care centre in Kerala erupted into celebrations on Thursday to cheer up a bride missing her own nikah ceremony. Nineteen-year-old Faziya was admitted to the Covid centre set up at Mattancherry Town Hall on Wednesday, just a day before she was set to marry Niyaz, reports the New Indian Express. The bride-to-be had tested positive for the virus after being diagnosed with a fever.

“I was about to venture out of the house to buy dresses for the wedding when I came to know that I had tested positive,” she said to Times of India.

While Faziya was admitted to the First-Line Treatment Centre (FLTC) to recover from COVID-19, her family decided to go ahead with the nikah ceremony as planned, since the presence of the bride is not mandatory. 

So while Faziya, dressed in her wedding finery, sat at the Covid care centre, her nikah continued at a nearby mosque. The bride’s special day, however, was made even more special by other residents of the centre who organised a surprise party for her. 

“None of the inmates knew that it was her nikah on that day. Though her presence was not required in marriage, they decided to throw a surprise Oppana party to keep her spirits high. After all, these moments won’t happen again in her life. As entertaining events are permissible inside Covid wards to cool off their fear over the disease, all of them enjoyed the party,” said Sudheer, Junior Health Inspector, to the New Indian Express. 

A heartwarming video shows other patients at the Covid centre dancing around Faziya to cheer her up. Watch the video below:

The video of the wedding celebrations at the coronavirus ward shows people singing ‘Vadakkele pathoone’ and clapping their hands as the bride smiled from ear to ear.

The celebrations were wrapped up with food distributed at the centre. Though the patients could not have a wedding feast, one resident did manage to get biryani. 

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