One can add a bevy of spices and herbs to make raita all the more nutritious.


  • Raita is one of the most popular accompaniments in the Indian cuisine
  • It has cooling properties and comes with a many more health benefits
  • Fennel seeds (saunf) is also great for digestion

India is perhaps the melting pot of versatility when it comes to spices and unique recipes. Where on one hand, we have rich and heavy curries full of spices that satiate our cravings; and on the other hand, we have comforting and cooling drinks and accompaniments made from same spices to help digest it all.

Raita is one such side dish, full of spices and herbs, often prepared to go along with biryanis and pulao or to balance the rich and rustic curries! Cool, soothing and absolutely delicious, raita can be made with an addition of anything from crunchy veggies to a pool of spices and boondi with curd.

Raita is not only fibre-rich but can also help in digestion. Curd contains good bacteria known as probiotics that naturally present in our gut. These probiotics keep gut healthy and help in improving digestion.

One can accelerate the presence of probiotics by intake of foods like curd. And raita with all its spices can be a great digestion-friendly dish to include in our diets. Fennel seeds (saunf) is one of the most common spices in an Indian kitchen that we usually use as a mouth freshener but the humble spice is much more than that.

As per Macrobiotic Coach and Nutritionist Shilpa Arora, “fennel seeds contain estragole, fenchone and anethole, which contribute to the plant’s antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties.” She adds that saunf works effectively in cleansing the gut and help boost digestion.

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flax seed raita

Raita has a vast library of recipes including many fruit-based raitas as well. 

The combination of dahi and saunf can prove to be extremely beneficial for digestion and we have a brilliant way to do it at home. Saunf aur pyaaz ka raita can be a quick, easy and delicious addition to your meal. Here’s how you can make it.

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Saunf Raita Recipe


– Curd- 1 cup

– Onion (small, chopped)- 1

– Fennel seeds (saunf)- 3 tsp

– Black salt- 1 tsp

– Salt- as per taste


1. Lightly dry roast fennel seeds on a pan and then grind mildly.

2. Take curd in a bowl and add washed, cleaned and chopped onion to it. Mix well.

3. Add salt and black salt.

4. Add roasted fennel seeds to it and mix well.


5. Serve chilled.

Black salt is a known for its alkaline properties that helps relieve acidity and detoxify. Try this easy saunf raita at home for digestion and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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