Fabindia is not just redefining how we look at the world around us with a lens of nostalgia but it is now also redefining traditional Indian food in more ways than one. Fabcafe, the dining arm of Fabindia, has taken the heavy responsibility to further uplift the already bold Indian flavours with fusion and healthy food. The interiors of the cafe, done to please all your senses at once, are a welcome invitation to what is to come on your table. The menu that mostly comprises fusion between Indian classical and contemporary dishes focuses on serving healthy food to the masses, by using regional ingredients but with a modern twist. By opting for contemporary versions of locally sourced forgotten grains and tweaking traditional ingredients, Fabcafe caters to different choices like Vegan, wheat-free, dairy-free and more. 

Our Picks From The Menu:

We started our perfect semi-wintery afternoon with a berry blast, a soothing, mildly sweet, and citrusy concoction to ease you in your seat. For appetisers, we began with the Quinoa Jhalmuri Salad, Spinach, Spring Onion and water chestnut Momos, and the chunky Punjabi chicken tikka. Out of all three, the Jhalmuri salad was our favourite, and what was more surprising for us was to witness how simply and elegantly flavours were introduced in something so basic and every day. 

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In the main course, we had Achari Paneer and Fabcafe Dal Makhni. While the Dal Makhni could easily beat 99% other Dal Makhnis in the business, Achari Paneer fell short of its description and build up. We definitely recommend the Dal Makhni, paired with either multigrain parathas or even Jackfruit parathas for people who are going gluten-free.  

In between courses, we also tried the Crusty Bakes Samosa Chaat and Wheat Free Margherita Pizza. The samosa chaat while being a great addition to the menu could not compete with the regular street samosa chaat, but it did not disappoint us as well. It was well balanced and had subtle flavours and could be much appreciated in other parts of the country where street chaat is not a likeable reality. 

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The cherry on the cake for us was the all gooey and all-consuming Fabcafe-special chocolate cake. This wheat-free dessert is better than most chocolate cakes one would eat in a lifetime so if you do end up going to Fabcafe don’t miss out on this at all. 

After a perfect late lunch, we decided to dig deeper into the thought process behind the menu and got a chance to speak to the chef of Fabcafe; chef Sunil Chauhan. He had some pretty interesting stories and insights on how things have evolved at Fabcafe. On being asked what Fabcafe really is about he said, “Fabcafe is about bringing a subtle yet significant change in how people eat by introducing a healthy diversity in cooking ingredients while catering to contemporary preferences. Our kitchen aims at serving healthy food to our guests, by using locally sourced ingredients, absolutely no refined oils or refined sugars – and all of it with a modern twist. It has eventually resulted in an eclectic yet popular menu that includes options for vegan, wheat-free and dairy-free diets too.”


If you don’t want to be overwhelmed in the new normal world and want to slip into comfort outside your house, Fabcafe is the place for you. Comforting yet elevating, classic yet modern, rooted yet spiritedly moving!

Price For Two: INR 900 (approximately)


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