Egg Hack: This is the easiest way to check if your eggs are fresh.


  • Eggs can often be rotten from the inside without us knowing
  • It is important to keep a check on the quality of eggs
  • Take a look at this simple hack to check its freshness

The year 2020 has brought back the focus onto good quality food. There has been an increasing emphasis on food safety and consuming ingredients that are fresh. There are a few basic quality checks that one can do while procuring foods for the kitchen, such as purchasing from trustworthy stores and brands. However, there are often many factors beyond our control such as adulteration and pilferage. Products that are needed daily such as milk, bread and eggs thus require special attention and care while being bought.

Egg is a common food which is purchased daily and used in a number of meals such as breakfast or even dessert. But did you know the eggs that you buy may or may not be fresh? Fret not; we have just the solution for you. MyGovIndia, which is the citizen engagement platform of the Indian government, has shared a simple quality check to ensure the freshness of each egg that you purchase. Take a look:

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The video showed a demonstration of a simple ‘float’ test that involves taking a container filled with water and immersing the egg in it. Then, viewers were asked to observe the position of the egg in the container. If the egg would stay at the bottom, width-wise, then that would mean that the egg is fresh. An egg at the bottom in a vertical position would mean that it is slightly older. If the egg would float at the top of the container, then this would imply that it has become rotten.


What an easy way to check the freshness of an egg! It really doesn’t get easier than this. Here are some more hacks to use boiled eggs, and some other ways to check the freshness and quality of the egg you consume.

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