Dog Put On A Diet After Getting Stuck In Doggy Door. Pics Have People In Splits

Drax the dog got stuck in a doggy door.

No more treats for this poor dog. A pooch in Australia has been put on a strict diet after getting stuck in a doggy door and breaking it. Viral pics of Drax looking rather pleased with himself after ripping the doggy door clean off its hinges have left social media users in splits.

According to The Dodo, Drax was living on the streets of Queensland, frightened and malnourished, when he was found by Charmaine Hulley’s sister. “My sister found him outside her local supermarket a couple of years ago just laying there curled up. He looked skinny and uncared for,” Ms Hulley told The Dodo. “She put him in the car and he just froze with fear and wouldn’t look at anyone.”

Charmaine Hulley, who was living with her sister at the time, decided to adopt the dog. 

This happened two years ago. Today, Drax is a healthy, happy, well-fed puppy. Some might even say too well-fed. 

According to Unilad, Ms Hulley’s partner, Taylor, ended up feeding the dog “a lot of human food, steak and KFC” in her absence. As a result, when the dog went to live with Ms Hulley and her mother recently, he ended up getting wedged tight inside the doggy door. 

Photos of the dog – who is “spoilt rotten”, according to his owner – walking around with the doggy door stuck around his neck have gone viral on Facebook. “Thanks for all the love everyone for Drax, our chonky boy. He is a rescue off the streets, he was sleeping curled up outside a supermarket all skinny and sad. Now he’s very happy and warm and loved……a little too loved,” Ms Hulley wrote after the pics gained viral attention.

The pics have garnered nearly 20,000 reactions and hundreds of amused comments.

“Does this door make me look fat?” quipped one Facebook user. “I love how he’s casually walking around like nothing is wrong,” said another.

Drax’s family is now planning to cut back on treats for the dog. 

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