Doctor Removes 20 Live Worms From Man's Eye

A doctor removed 20 live worms from under a man’s eyelid (Representative Image)

In a stomach-churning incident, a doctor in China removed 20 live worms from a man’s eye. The 60-year-old patient, identified only by his surname Wan, said he first felt something irritating his eye a couple of months ago, reports the Daily Star. He thought it was fatigue and did not think any further on the issue. 

Mr Wan, however, was admitted to a hospital in the city of Suzhou after the pain in his eyes increased. 

Doctors at Suzhou Hospital conducted a thorough medical examination and found at least 20 live worms under his right eyelid, according to Khaleej Times.

Dr Xi Ting then conducted a medical procedure to remove the worms. He identified the worms as nematodes and removed at least 20 of them. 

Nematodes are common parasites that can be found in the conjunctival sac and tear ducts of dogs, cats and several other animals. According to Dr Xi Ting, they take 15 to 20 days to develop into worms from larvae. 

It is not clear how the worms came to live under Mr Wan’s eyelid. He told medical staff at the hospital that he does not have any pets, and theorised that his work outdoors may have brought him in contact with the parasites.

In 2018, a woman in the US was shocked to see the blemishes on her face kept moving – and found out that it was actually a parasitic worm living under her skin. 

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