Diabetes: A chilla with the goodness of fibre and protein is perhaps the best pick for your breakfast.


  • Diabetes can be managed by certain lifestyle and diet changes
  • A diabetic-friendly chilla might be a perfect morning meal
  • Here’s how you can prepare it at home

Crispy, wholesome, light and delicious, chilla is perhaps a favourite breakfast meal across all age groups for its sheer versatility and taste. Be it plain or stuffed with veggies, spices, pulses or legumes, chilla is simply one of the easiest Indian breakfast meals one could put together even in the morning rush. And guess what? It can also fit-in all your diet plans! From a weight loss diet to a diabetic-friendly one, all you need to do is choose the ingredients carefully!

A diabetes diet often recommends one to include more of low calorie, low in carbohydrate foods along with fibre-rich ones, that can also help shed some kilos too! A fibre-rich meal induces a sense of satiety since it takes a while to breakdown and digest, due to which it stays in your system a little longer. This is why you feel full for longer and keep yourself away from indulging too often. This can not only aid in weight loss but also keeps the blood sugar levels in check since it prevents any sugar spike. Another important part of a diabetic-friendly and weight loss diet is protein, which also takes time to digest while providing enough nutrition. A chilla brimming with the goodness of fibre and protein is perhaps the best pick for your morning meal and here’s how you can make one at home.


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Cheela is one of the most popular Indian breakfasts.

Sprouted moong is one of the best plant-based sources of protein while winter favourite methi (fenugreek) is the perfect fix for a fibre-rich meal. As per studies, besides fibre, methi is known for 4HO-Ile, an unusual amino acid is found only in fenugreek and has possible anti-diabetic qualities, such as enhancing insulin secretion and increasing insulin sensitivity. This chilla recipe combines sprouted moong with spices, herbs and methi leaves and besan to make a wholesome and yummy fibre and protein-rich breakfast!

Moong And Methi Chilla Recipe For Diabetes:


– Methi leaves (chopped)- 1/2 cup

– Sprouted moong- 1/2 cup

– Besan- 1/2 tbsp.

– Green chillies (chopped)- 2

– Salt- 1/2 tsp

– Cumin seeds- 2 tsp

– A pinch of asafoetida

– Oil- 2 tsp


1. Combine sprouted moong, green chillies and jeera along with asafoetida with some water together for a fine paste.

2. Now add methi leaves, besan and salt to this and make a smooth batter.

3. Divide the batter into the number of chillas you wish to make.

4. Heat a non-stick tawa with a teaspoon of oil.

5. Pour one portion of the batter on it, spread it evenly and cook till both sides turn golden brown. Repeat with each portion.

6. Serve hot with chutney.


Try this yummy moong and methi chilla at home to manage sugar levels and weight loss, and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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