It can also be a healthy and tasty addition to your weight loss diet.


  • Karela tikki is easy to make and can satiate your hunger
  • Karela tikki is ideal for the ones looking for diabetes diet options
  • Karela is loaded with nutrients that help manage blood sugar level

The very thought of karela on our plate is enough to put off our appetite. Bitter gourd is one such vegetable that has never gained much fan following due to its pungent taste. Ever wondered why does it still hold a constant place in everyone’s kitchen? The fact that karela is loaded with a plenty of health benefitting properties makes it a must-have vegetable in our regular diet. It is a store-house of dietary fibre, iron, vitamin, magnesium, calcium etc and is often recommended as a part of the diabetes diet. For the uninitiated, karela contains an insulin-like compound called Polypeptide-p (p-insulin) that is known to promote diabetes management. Several studies across the globe have inferred that regular dose of bitter gourd may help control type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

If you are looking for a diabetes-friendly snack to pair your evening cup of tea, here’s a recipe that can change your perception about the vegetable! It is the crunchy karela tikki. This dish is easy to make and can satiate your hunger in the healthiest way possible. It can also be a healthy and tasty addition to your weight loss diet.

All you need to do is to grate karelaand a few veggies and mix them with flour to form soft dough. Make small tikkisout of the dough and fry. And a plate of karela tikki is ready to relish!

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karela juice

Here’s The Step-By-Step Recipe Of Karela Tikki:


3 karela, de-seeded and grated

1 carrot, grated

1 capsicum, finely chopped

1 cup paneer, crumbled

1 tablespoon freshly chopped coriander leaves

2 green chillies, finely chopped

Half teaspoon grated ginger

Half lemon juice

2 to 3 tablespoon buckwheat flour

Rock salt, to taste

1 to 2 teaspoon black pepper

1 to 2 teaspoon roasted cumin powder

1 teaspoon amchoorpowder

Oil, to shallow fry


Step 1. Soak the grated karela in salt water for 4-5 minutes. Squeeze the water and keep aside.

Step 2. Add grated karela, carrot, capsicum, paneer and other ingredients (except buckwheat flour and oil). Mix them well.

Step 3. Add the buckwheat flour and knead very soft and moist dough for tikki. Sprinkle some water if needed.

Step 4. Make small roundels out of the dough and give them tikki-like shape.


Step 5. Heat some oil in a pan and shallow fry the tikkis till each side turns crispy and golden brown in colour.

Try this karela tikki recipe at home and let us know how you like it in the comments section below!

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