Pair luchi and cholar dal with sandesh to complete the meal.


  • Bengali cuisine is rich and extensive to the core.
  • Luchi makes for a popular food among Bengalis.
  • Pair luchi with cholar dal for an ultimate breakfast meal.

Slightly flaky from outside and soft from inside, hot and fluffy luchi defines the food culture of Bengal. It is one such Bengali dish (other than roshogolla and macher jhol) that has received recognition among global food aficionados. Luchi is basically a softer Bengali version of North Indian poori that is made out of maida, salt and water. When paired with a simple aloo ki sabzi (aloor torkari), begun bhaja (baingan fry) or cholar dal (Bengali-style chana dal), it makes a breakfast staple for every Bengalis. Luchi also makes a great and lavish meal when accompanied by chicken or mutton kosha. Visit any quintessential Bengali household, you will find luchi with torkari (side-dish) holding a constant position in the meal spread. It is also popular in Bihar, Odisha and other neighbouring states. 

If you are in a mood to try a wholesome plate of luchi and torkari, then get set and grab all your kitchen essentials. Here we bring the recipes of the ultimate Bengali breakfast combo for you – luchi and flavorful cholar dal. While both the dishes can be prepared in oil, we recommend you use a mix of oil and ghee to get the ultimate flavour and aroma from the meal. Already slurping? Let’s find out the recipes!

How To Make Luchi | Bengali-Style Luchi Recipe:

A close cousin to poori, luchi is whiter and softer than the former. It is made out of semi-soft and moist dough kneaded with maida, salt, oil/ghee and water. You may also add some sugar and kalonji to the dough. Dry mix the maida with oil/ghee and salt and slowly pour water to it to knead the dough. It should be soft, not sticky. Always remember, use lukewarm water to get the soft yet flaky texture of luchi. And always let the dough rest for at least 30 minutes before frying luchi.


Click here for the step-by-step recipe of Bengali-style Luchi.

How To Make Cholar Dal | Bengali-Style Chana Dal Recipe:

Cholar dal is a delicious dish made of lentils, coconut, hing, jeera and some basic spices. It is warm, comforting and a must-try for all. Soak the dal for at least 10 minutes before cooking. Then add the dal, fried coconut chunks and whole garam masala in a pressure cooker and boil. Add a tadka of hing, red chilli and jeera and a bowl of soul soothing cholar dal is ready in just a few minutes.

Click here for the complete cholar dal recipe.


While luchi and cholar dal makes for a wholesome combo, try adding some Bengali sweet (roshogolla or sandesh) by the side and enjoy a great mix of sweet-salty-spicy flavours on your palate.

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