Chennai Waterlogged As 20 Centimetre Rain Reminds Of 2015 Floods

Heavy rain caused waterlodging in Tamil Nadu’s capital city of Chennai on Thursday.


Heavy rain caused waterlodging and traffic disruption in Tamil Nadu’s capital city of Chennai on Thursday. The water was seen entering residential compounds and complexes in several low lying areas like Kolathur, LB road, Taramani and Velachery.

Priya Venugopal, a resident at Taramani, said, “One more rain and the cars go in. We don’t know what’s going to happen”.

Several key roads – General Patters Road, RK Salai, LB Road, Ethiraj College Road, the Old Mahaballiburam Road and pockets of Anna Salai – an arterial road, were heavily waterlodged due to rain, bringing hardship for the commuters.

As much as 14 Centimetre of rainfall was recorded in just five hours. In some areas, 20 Centimetre of rainfall was recorded – a near repeat of the downpour that led to the devastating 2015 floods in the coastal city.

Suresh, a shopkeeper told NDTV, “All drains are blocked. No water is going through, they have been focussing only on Covid-19. Now time to focus on the monsoon”.

However, Vidoot, a young working professional, said, “We need rains. I also love the city turning wet and cool”.

The smart city’s corporation, responsible for managing rain-related stituation, denied complacency amid the pandemic.

G Prakash, Greater Chennai Commissioner told NDTV, “People need not panic. Even after this 20 CM in three or three and a half hours, right now you cannot see many places badly affected. There are a few places which are lower than mean sea level, where pumping is required, that’s also happening”.


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