Chainsoo recipe is a popular Pahadi recipe.


  • Chainsoo is a pahadi dish
  • This dish is very high in protein
  • You can make this dal very easily at home

This year has been a sort of roller-coaster ride for many. This is why most of us are only looking for things to get better to be amid the sky-high mountains and valleys deep, the babbling streams and some thousand-year-old pine trees. Is there anything a peaceful hilly retreat cannot fix? While not many of us can take a quick visit to the hills given the present conditions, we may try to bring a bit of the vibe to us here, in the four corners of our home. How, you ask? Recreating some pahadi dishes may be a good way forward. Not the tough ones, you can start with some really easy a heart-warming one like chainsoo– a pahadi kali dal recipe that is all things hot, soothing and healthy. 

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Kali dal is a tremendous source of protein. As we all know protein is a building block of life. It helps build muscles and cuts down the room for fat accumulation. It also helps satiate you and thus keeps you from bingeing or over-eating. Additionally, kali dal is also a good source of plant-based antioxidants, fibre and minerals, making it a wholesome superfood benefiting your overall health and immunity.  

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Chainsoo is made with kali dal.

Chainsoo is a fairly simple recipe that you can enjoy with rice or roti depending upon your preference. It is made with the goodness of ground kali dal and garlic, giving it a rich pungent taste. The kali dal is ground to a paste-like consistency in the special recipe giving it a very thick porridge-like appeal.  The spices used in this recipe further enhances the flavour of the dish, you would be needing coriander seeds, red chilli powder, and turmeric powder and a lot of garlic in this recipe. You can add or eliminate spices as per your liking. Once you start cooking the dal with the spices make sure you keep stirring, this stirring towards the end is very important as it helps thicken the dal, which is the characteristic feature of chainsoo. Serve hot with a garnish of coriander leaves. 


Click here for the full, step-by-step recipe of chainsoo. 

Try it at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments below!  

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