NEW DELHI: The Indian Army on Thursday slammed Pakistan for carrying out a “malicious” social media campaign targeting one of its senior officers with a larger aim to defame the force.
In a statement, the Army said it is a secular organisation and all officers and soldiers serve the nation with pride irrespective of their religion, caste, creed or gender.
The Army specifically referred to various social media posts from Pakistan aimed at Lt General Taranjit Singh, who is serving as the deputy chief (Operations) of integrated defence staff under the department of military affairs (DMA).
“Over the past few days, a state sponsored malicious social media disinformation campaign has been run by Pakistan against the Indian Army and in particular against Lt General Taranjit Singh, a senior officer posted in the DMA,” the Army said.
“Having failed consistently to incite religion-based disaffection within the country, Pakistan, in a desperate attempt, is now trying to create a divide within the Indian Army,” it said.
The Army said it categorically rejects such malicious attempts to defame the institution.
Certain social media posts from Pakistn talked about punitive measures against Lt General Singh, alleging that they were reflection of biases against a particular community.
Lt General Singh has been playing a key role in the DMA which was formed to carry out the ambitious reforms in the three services by ensuring convergence in their overall approach.
Earlier Singh told a select group of reporters that efforts are underway to restructure the three armed forces so that there is optimum utilisation of resources.
“Over the last nine months, after the declaration and the physical appointment of the CDS (Chief of Defence Staff), we have moved a number of steps towards the jointness in operations, logistics, training, support services, common communication within the three services,” he said.

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