Anand Mahindra Impressed By Bihar Man's Scorpio-Shaped Water Tank

A water tank in the shape of a Mahindra Scorpio stands atop this house in Bihar.

Anand Mahindra shared a tweet of appreciation for a man in Bihar who paid a special tribute to his first car – a Mahindra Scorpio – by getting a water tank constructed in its shape. Intasar Alam, who belongs to Bhagalpur, specially hired workers from Agra to work on the construction of this water tank which stands on top of his four-storey house. 

Not only does the water tank resemble the shape of Mr Alam’s first SUV, it also carries the same number plate with BR 10 786 written on it.

Mr Alam’s ode to his first car caught the eye of Anand Mahindra, the Chairman of Mahindra Group.

“Now that’s what I call a Rise story… Scorpio Rising to the Rooftop,” he tweeted last week. “My salaams & appreciation to the owner. We salute his affection for his first car!”

On Sunday, he followed it up with a picture of the water tank and hailed the construction of the water tank as the benchmark for all future Mahindra products.

“From now on, the brand journey of any of our products will not be complete unless at least one customer bases her/his water tank design on it!” wrote Mr Mahindra.

Mr Alam reportedly spent Rs 2.5 lakh on the construction of his Mahindra Scorpio water tank. Masons who worked on the unusual tank were paid Rs 1,200 as daily wage. 

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