NEW DELHI: The medical board constituted by AIIMS has ruled out poisoning as a possible cause of death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. According to sources, the board has shared its ‘conclusive opinion’ with the CBI, clearly stating the possible cause and manner of death.

Dr Sudhir Gupta, chairperson of the board, told TOI the opinion cannot be shared with anyone, including the media, since the case was sub judice. “We have expressed our medico-legal opinion in the matter very clearly and conclusively to the CBI,” he said.

Rajput, 34, was found dead at his residence in Mumbai on June 14. A police investigation and a post-mortem carried out at Cooper Hospital in Mumbai suggested it was a case of death by suicide.

However, the actor’s family claimed it could be a case of murder and got an FIR registered in the matter in Bihar, where the actor’s father lives, after which the state government referred the matter to the CBI for further investigation.

When the CBI requested AIIMS for a second opinion on the post-mortem, a medical board of forensic experts, headed by Dr Gupta, was constituted. Members of the board visited Mumbai to inspect the late actor’s flat where he was found hanging. They also interviewed the doctors from Cooper Hospital who had carried out the post-mortem.

Sources in the medical board said it took more than a month to reach a conclusion on the cause and manner of death because videography of the post-mortem wasn’t available. “The hospital didn’t even have pictures of dissection of the body during autopsy,” said a source.

He, however, added that the conclusion reached by the board is based on due diligence and analysis of all available evidence. “It is our final opinion. The job assigned to us in this case is over and should be treated as closed,” said one of the members.

During their visit to the late actor’s flat in Mumbai, the AIIMS team recreated the scene of alleged suicide. The tensile strength of the ligature material – which was a kurta – was also assessed, sources said. They paid a surprise visit to Cooper Hospital at night.

Later, the forensic unit that conducted the post-mortem was called to the CBI guesthouse where the doctors were asked how they had ruled out the possibility of ligature strangulation.


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