After PM's Tank Ride, Defence Body Hopes For Orders From Army

The Arjun Mark 1A has 72 added features than its older version

Buoyant after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Arjun tank ride in Jaisalmer, the Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) on Saturday expressed hope that it would soon be getting an order for supplying 118 Arjun Mark 1A tanks, which are far more advanced than the present version.

“We were really proud to see the Prime Minister taking a ride in the Arjun tank in the deserts of Jaisalmer. We are now hoping that the Army would soon be placing orders for two more regiments of Arjun Mark 1A tanks,” DRDO’s scientist V Balaguru told ANI.

Mr Balaguru is the Associate Director of the Combat Vehicle Research Development Research Establishment laboratory of DRDO in Chennai.

The Army has, so far, inducted 124 Arjun tanks, which have been deployed in the deserts of Jaisalmer, along the border with Pakistan.


Mr Balaguru said the Arjun Mark 1A has 72 added features than its older version with the capability of taking care of anti-tank mines on its own with its mine ploughs.

The 12.7-inch air defence gun also can now be operated from inside the tank by the tank commander using a remote control without exposing himself to enemy fire.

The exiting two regiments are deployed around Jaisalmer as part of an armoured brigade there.


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