Watch: A Socially Distanced Haldi Ceremony With Paint Rollers Amid Covid Pandemic

Turmeric paste is applied using paint rollers in this haldi ceremony.

The coronavirus pandemic has made social distancing a way of life, and people are coming up with innovative ways to adapt to the new normal. Public health authorities advice that minimising contact and maintaining social distance are effective ways to slow the spread of the highly infectious virus. This means that social gatherings like weddings and parties are now taking place with limited guests and precautions in place. A video that is going viral online has captured one such function – a bride’s haldi ceremony being celebrated with an innovative twist. 

A haldi ceremony is a pre-wedding function where a turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom-to-be. Friends and family members come together to apply the turmeric paste and celebrate with the soon-to-be-newlyweds.

This video, however, shows a haldi ceremony with a difference. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, guests took special care to maintain distance from the bride-to-be. They used paint rollers to apply haldi, the video shows. In the 13-second clip, a woman can be seen using a paint roller with a long handle to apply the turmeric paste as other guests, wearing masks, watch.

The video was shared on Twitter by restaurateur Harjinder Singh Kukreja. It had earlier been posted on the microblogging platform by another Twitter user.

“Innovative Haldi ceremony with Social Distancing!” wrote Mr Kukreja.

The socially distanced haldi ceremony has garnered thousands of views and amused comments.

“This made me smile,” wrote one Twitter user. “Example of jugaad,” another remarked.

Last week, a bride-to-be who tested positive for COVID-19 just a day before her nikah ceremony was cheered up with a surprise party, thrown by residents of the Covid care ward where she was admitted. 

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